Do you need help urgently?

Counselling service against trafficking of women in Schleswig-Holstein

In Germany every woman is entitled to be protected and to receive help!

Counselling service against trafficking of women in Schleswig-Holstein

  • Did you experience violence in your country of origin, during the escape or in Germany?
  • Have you been demanded to repay supposed debts?
  • Do you feel extorted, threatened, controlled or observed?
  • Have you been attacked, beaten or raped?
  • Have you been forced into prostitution or sex that you don’t want to practice (for example, unsafe sex)?

If you have experienced just one of these situations or similar ones, we can help you. 

Use your right to be helped!

Give us a call or ask someone to do this.
You can speak with us in your own language - or leave a message on the answering machine. We will definitely call you back! (Tel. 0431 / 55 779 - 191)

contra helps you

  • You have rights; we’ll tell you what they are
  • We offer legal advice and medical emergency supplies
  • We help you with the authorities
  • We help you find safe accommodation
  • For the initial period, we’ll provide you with foodstuffs, groceries, clothes and sanitary products
  • We’ll help you, if you want or have to return to your native country

Nothing will happen against your will!
Your information will be treated confidentially and anonymously.